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Project Description

CADENZA01 / July 18, 2003


A wicked collaboration between Swiss producer/DJ, Luciano & Phillipe Quenum (Access 58 fame together with partner Paul Nascimento) initiating the first release of a new label, Candenza.

The A-side of the 2-track Ep, ‘Orange Mistake’, kicks off by hurling in a dark rolling bassline, eerie enough to send little boys trembling under their beds. When one is well-immersed into the beats, the crisps rhythmic highs shatters in like a sheet of glass exploding into a million pieces before breaking down into a unexpected, yet, intoxicating organ theme. The rest of track progresses with successive increment of new elements conforming itself within the quirky side of the organ melody, making this the perfect track to drop in the middle of the set, letting it seep into the minds of the unsuspecting crowd.

On the flip, ‘Funky Dondy’ features a twisted minimal number suited for the mangled minds. The track is complimented by the sophisticated brittle, watery sounds layered with samples of warped spoken vocals. The minute yet complex details in ‘Funky Dondy’ evident the trademarks of Luciano. Very intelligent production by two brilliant producers. Couldn’t be a better way to kick start a new label.