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Project Description


Luciano & Cadenza shake South America

Luciano & Cadenza shake South America is a fifteen tracks digital compilation. It will be released 2 weeks after the one from Magik Garden Festival (November, 24th, in Santiago de Chile). This retrospective, assembled only with music released on Cadenza by South-American producers, is another shining tessera on Luciano’s mosaic of love for his native continent.
Starting with the subliminal killer remix by Luciano of the vocal exuberance of Los Updates’s “Getting Late”, we are instantly jumping into Pablo Cahn’s filtered rippling deep chords of the blues gospel titled “Elle”. Right away, the heavily Detroit influenced “Ruth” by Jorge Savoretti and the micro-House gem “Instinct” by Felipe Valenzuela and Dani Casarano lift up to the beat-less evocative latin piano sonata of Martin Patiño, “Hunter”. The dance starts back with the dark trippin’ NewYork-House flavoured “Havanese” of Francisco Allendes and Marcelo Rosselot, and the sub bass injected percussive outbreak of Guillaume And The Coutu Dumonts’s remix of Ernesto Ferreyra’s “Letting Go”. Gliding without slacking, we find the powerful dark unsettling Cósmico remix by Alexi Delano of the ungodly murky “Berlink” (originally produced by Area51 featuring Tea Time) and the fast technologic minimalistic groove of Luciano’s “Lost in Lymbo. The shiny continues with the classic uplifting House music of Pablo Cahn’s “Soul Rain” and the deeper funky cut of Felipe Valenzuela and Demian Muller, “Dreamer”. “Cepe” by Argenis Brito is a lustful electronic triumph, as well as “El Grillo El Indio Y El Robot” by Francisco Allendes and Marcelo Rosselot. Finally, as a premiere, the purified grace of Luciano’s “Aether” (to be included in “Sequentia vol.2”) and the introspective inspiring “Alma Piano” by Diego Errázuriz come full circle with an intense moment of spiritual elevation.