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Project Description

CADENZA100 / March 16, 2015


After celebrating 10 years in the business in 2013, Cadenza Records reach another milestone in a stretch that has made a big impact both on the musical and nightclubbing landscapes.

The 100th release from Cadenza comes, aptly, from label boss Luciano. Reviving his Lucien-N-Luciano moniker especially for the occasion, the label will release ‘Grace Of An Art’ in March.

The single comes backed with another new production, ‘Rickson Trephala’ and the vinyl release will come accompanied by a limited edition CD featuring a mammoth 60-minute track, grandly titled ‘Timeless Song For Lovers Of The Morning Enlightenment’.

‘Grace Of An Art’ perfectly encapsulates Luciano’s current studio mindset, following on from previous Cadenza single ‘Cachai’/’Dance Unity’. A Herculean piece of rubbery tech-funk, just shy of fourteen minutes, and demanding very much your attention for the duration, as Luciano teases and coaxes intricate sound design and inflections over its steady and assured mechanical beat. Vocal refrains and its thick, rumbling synth line loop around the bones of the track, grainy claps and cavorting rim shots keeping the arrangement animated and spirited. More head music from one of the masters!

Flip side, ‘Rickson Trephala’ is another highly spirited composition. A flexible bassline wraps itself around a minimal and energetic beat, choc full of abstract sounds and glitches, as intricate as you have come to expect from Luciano. Light keys provide the ‘barely there’ melody, the track relying on its infectious bass and an assemblage of blips and tweaky sounds to charge up the neurons.

The 12” vinyl of this landmark Cadenza release comes accompanied by a bonus CD featuring one track. Both epic in length and title, ‘Timeless Song For Lovers Of The Morning Enlightenment’ is a grandiose piece of intelligent electronica, echoing the ideas of sound experimentalists such as Global Communication, but very much with Luciano’s stamp on it, filled with sad pianos and wandering percussion and soaked in a dubby reverb that is both engaging and rewarding for those who last the distance.