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One Coin For Life is the foundation put into place by Luciano, his sister Amélie and Francisca Leon with the aim of gathering the electronic music industry potential to help the most vulnerable population of the Planet, and to raise a deeper social awareness.

One Coin For Life was established by Luciano, his sister Amélie and Francisca Leon on the belief that the Electronic Music industry has an incredible potential for helping the weakest, and the collective power of the scene and its unique assets can massively  raise awareness and funds for humanitarian causes with  long lasting impact on defenceless communities around the world.

The Foundation is focusing  on the issue of the need to care for Mother Earth and to promote social consciousness. They help the most vulnerable indigenous populations, while at the same time running reforestation, health, training and nutrition programs and building schools around our beautiful Earth. Its work has been targeting on small independent charities, which can efficiently channel the funds donated to needy territories.

The grounding of the One Coin For Life was deeply influenced by the time that Luciano and his family spent with the Arhuaco and Kogi tribes in Colombia, in 2012: since then: a long term relation has been established between them. Donations for this first venture have already been collected from friends of Cadenza and from some of its colleagues.

“Deeply inspired by the time that Luciano and his family spent with the Arhuaco and Kogi tribes in Colombia back in 2012, the foundation stay true to a first-hand collaboration with independent charities rooted to their territories. And it aspires  to foster an unselfish altruistic behaviour in younger music lovers.”

The plan is raising funds also by involving the promoters and the industry workers with specific contracts for every gig confirming actual attendance, merchandising revenues, percentage and commissions from ticket sales. One-off donations from guest lists and sales of exclusive podcasts and downloads will be part of the campaign as well. An essential goal is to receive more support from other institutions and DJs, but also Cadenza fans play a big role too: everyone of them will participate in this simply by attending the shows and parties.

The relationship with the people it raises funds for needs no intermediary, and the foundation is overseeing all the process by  itself. This is an hands-on approach to the project, very different from the big corporate companies that are doing the same, focused on concrete results and on the fulfilment of loving ideals. Among its project, the foundation funded the Vipingo Village in Kenya – a small, family run charity that helps some of the many AIDS affected orphan children in the poverty stricken area 40 km North of Mombasa. This is something Luciano and his partners hold very dear to their hearts and that they want to focus on with all their power and dedication.

One Coin For Life would love to have DJs as active participants, as all of them together can make a change. DJs have the power to reach out to a whole generation of young people and speak to them in a unique way they understand. It wants to respect this trust and use it in a positive way.