Project Description

BASAEC002 / July 7, 2014


Luciaen, AKA Lucien Nicolet, presents the second chapter in his Basaec series, with Origins.

The new label from the Cadenza Records boss looks back to the roots of his production career, whilst presenting a wholefully futuristc take on electronic dance music. Origins (Wild Origins) leads release #2, a collosal twelve minute piece of neo-classical electronics. Waves of arpeggio synth dominate the beatless track, its mighty stabs and light percussion propelling the track along at great speed and urgency. The heads will no doubt hear inspirations from Detroit techno in here, but you can’t put this piece in any genre box, rather it’s a huge musical showcase from one of dance music’s most enigmatic figures.

The Great Amael finds Luciaen in more familiar territory, a lo-fi bubbling groove and dusted Hammond organs hustle along whilst the live percussions shine through. Energetic and infectious, the tone softens with the oceanic pads that provide its classic melody and threatens to envelope the listener in a wall of beautiful sound.

A slightly restrained and lighter version of Origins (Mix One) is featured on the digital release, losing none of its magical touch and impact.