Without the past, there is no future…

After long trips around the world, absorbing different cultures, Luciano and the Vagabundos finally return to the land where it all started.

From Friday June the 21st to Friday September the 13th Luciano and Vagabundos will make history again in Amnesia.


In 2010, Luciano, feeling like a vagabond for his relentless dj schedule, which makes him travel thousands and thousands of miles every week, decided to stage a musical company of carefree talented scoundrels, all disguised in pre-war funky hobo costumes.

Since their first residency at Pacha Ibiza, the Vagabundos’ sensual and tempting atmosphere has become a byword for a blithe dancing celebration of the joy of life. But Vagabundos is much more than a party or a musical journey: it’s a lifestyle and a dream coming true for a generation of laid-back globe-trotters trusting in peace and harmony for the Planet Earth.

Alternatively to dark, cold, sterile venues, the Vagabundos embrace their guests in a lightsome and cozy surrounding. Their main concern is that everybody comes back home from the party with a smile on their face. Dance, music, and love can cure any pain of the spirit, and a feel of friendly sharing is way more important than visual over-stimulation or blinding neon lights.

“The most essential element of a Vagabundos party is the human being himself and this is undeniable for all the details of the parties.”

The most essential element of a Vagabundos party is the human being himself and this is undeniable for all the details of the  parties. Faithful to this vision, dancers and street artists occupy the middle of the room, heating up the atmosphere and spicing up the bas,  while at the same time downplaying traditional special effects. Frankly, Vagabundos has chosen to not invoke the popular and all too common LED billboard background as it is overly driving away the dancers from the dancefloor. The key pieces of the performance are the circus tents with LED accent lights and unexpected confetti blasts at the peak hour moments of the night.

In 2012, they returned to Pacha for an extensive successful nineteen weeks run, combining artists from Cadenza with iconic names such as carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Marshall Jefferson and Robert Hood. While 2015 saw Luciano reincarnate Vagabundos from a two ysear hiatus to a temporary home at Space, the Vagabundos returned back to Pacha in the summer of 2016. Last year they were hosted at the galactic Hi Ibiza, and this year they have got on stage at Cluj Napoca in Romania and at the legendary Koko Camden in London. Always bringing together the Cadenza Family but also giving an opportunity to local or younger DJs to play along more experienced and famous DJs and producers.

Luciano and his decorated Cadenza team, with their unique blend of fun-loving Techno and feverish Latin grooves, have been very successful in curating magical events and successful brands at every venue started,  He has a remarkable track record in delivering musically over the last decade and creatively to make his events successful, and Vagbundos is a really signature one.

2019 is the year of a new moment for the Vagabundos tale: Thirteen Friday nights at the legendary Amnesia in Ibiza. Luciano is ready to write history again, hosting extraordinary artists such as Derrick May, Raresh, tINI ,Delano Smith, Michael Mayer and inviting historical labels of the likes of Metroplex, Rekids, Ovum and Visionquest.

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