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Project Description

CAD119 / December 2018

Sequentia Vol.2

Sequentia 2 is the second chapter of the four fold composition that Luciano has arranged as part of the celebration for Cadenza’s 15th anniversary. Every release is dedicated to a season of the year, and this autumn one, consisting in dimmer tones and snug vibrations, displays all of Luciano’s unique productions skills and his unrivalled touch on the mixing desk.
The initial suspended piano lullaby of “Sphere” brings us to a warm hearth where all the waveforms connect together to make us feel at home, in celestial peace. “Idilicia” is the perfect musical score for an out of space epopee, in which frosted acoustic drums sustain a copious mantle of analogue synthesisers and twiggy artificial harmonies. The sophisticated phrasing “Aether” is a gentle journey above full-bodied bass lines that exudes a romantic tale, flowing into idyllic sanguine chords. At the end, the uplifting tumultuous ballad with a mystical folk aftertaste named “My Fantasy”, bonds exquisitely the sweet taste of a vagrant guitar with hefty deep frequencies and a cluster of compelling Latin percussions; through this thick charming groove, the melancholic magnetic voice of Bastian Baker accompanied by a joyful scintillating choir unwind our souls and our tomorrow. Bastian is a Swiss gifted singer and songwriter, who, at only 18 years old, made his first appearance at the prestigious Montreal Jazz Festival.