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Project Description

CADENZA84 / February 25, 2013


Luciano breezes into Cadenza Music’s 10th anniversary year with a new single, ‘Cachai’/’Dance Unity’, released on February 25th.

Whereas previous single ‘Rise Of Angel’ came from the heart, this brace of new music comes strictly from the mind; heady, experimental dancefloor tracks with an air of futurism to them that sets the scene for Luciano’s next album, due this year, quite nicely.

‘Cachai’ fuses a bouncing, morning groove with stabbing operatic vocals and searing strings, light organ keys keeping the backbone of this decidedly trippy and minimal production, Luciano taking things back to the basics…

‘Dance Unity’ keeps things in the similar vein, raw and minimal electronic drums, furry snares and an attention to the finer details, with hallucinatory blips, bleeps and haunting keys weaving their magic over the tracks 15 minute tenure. Luciano provides the call to the dancefloor, with ‘Dance Unity’s’ lyric, and a fitting message in light of Cadenza’s 10 year achievements.