Project Description


Side A1 – Barriere de Lumiere is a full length cut of the EP that takes us on a 15-minute journey with different layers of vocoders and synthesized textures flowing on a solid ‘ridim’ of bass and percussion. This track is born from different analog jams without software edition.

Side B1 – BipBopBap brings us 8 minutes of energy for the dance floor. An intense Afro-Latin groove, accompanied by a rhythmic ostinato in the voices, together build the tension necessary for the dance floor.

The remix is ​​by Chilean producer Felipe Venegas, head of Drumma Records. Felipe has a close relationship with Cadenza and Luciano, embodied in several productions by Felipe for Cadenza.
The remix is based on an arpeggios game that develops organically, integrating more the melodic factor and the dreamy landscapes—an ideal track for those dawns in the club, when light enters through the windows.