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Project Description

CAD118 / July 2018

The Amazing Lilou

Luciano has arranged a special series of four releases as part of the celebrations for the fifteen years anniversary of his own Cadenza Records, launching the first one to begin the festivities. Each episode is coming out in a different season of the year; the first one, with the catalogue number 118, is the chapter dedicated to the summertime and contains 5 enchanting tracks with an exquisite sound. This series is just one of the astonishing surprises that Luciano has set aside for the birthday of his beloved label.
The show begins with “The Amazing Lilou”, a crispy ariose tune with elaborated percussions and calypso-flavored synthesizers. “Hiding Hearts” is a latin prelude with pleasant guitars and restful melodies, flowing with joy and peace. “Nabusima” is another Caraibic spell, with noteworthy carefully mixed drums and elevating harmonies. “Magik Mechanics” explores complex broken beats and electronic textures, drawing a colored narration in between a fairy tale and a sci-fi movie. Finally, “Tirana del Oriente”, as disclosed by the title, is a trip into the Oriental ardent magic. A collection of five long summery compositions to accompany our hot pleasing days from the dawn till the dusk, holding our hands during a never ending daydream.