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Project Description

CAL039 / May 2019

Canción Mapuche feat. Katy Prado

Canción Mapuche is an heart-felt dance floor tune with the charming Mapudungun singing of Kathy Prado: Mapundungun is the language of the Pre-Columbian Mapuche inhabitants of south-cantal Chile. The roots of Luciano are South American, and the spirit of his beloved native continent has never left his soul. Throughout the years, Cadenza has released many artists from Latin America, passionately supporting the hot-blooded electronic musical output of this lively part of the planet. Strengthening the connection with his birthplace, Luciano will bring back the extraordinary Magik Garden Festival in late 2019 in Luciano’s in his cherished Santiago de Chile. This song is about the Mapu angels, the ancient guardians of southern Chile, which have become stars after their death and are asking us to believe in them again, as our disconnection is putting in danger the nature spirit of the world. A strong compressed kick drum is the foundation of this tune, in which widespread percussions and bouncing cymbals surround an emotional ground shaking bass line and cradling guitars. A souls-stirring work of art that succeed to nestle on dance moves a sincere reflection on our suffering Earth.