Project Description

CADENZA58 / January 31, 2011


Ernesto Ferreyra’s debut album was one of the major events at Cadenza’s in 2010. Ranging from seductive house tracks to abysmal ambient compositions, the Argentinean musician has developed a personal vision of the whole electronic music experience that took him from Argentina’s Córdoba to Mexico City and finally to Montreal. Combining an imperturbable feeling for striking latin grooves with the analytic approach of his Mutek buddies, Ferreyra operates as an agent between contradictory worlds. As one of the versatile echoes of “El Paraíso de Las Tortugas” in the electronic music scene, his production partner Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts and label honcho Luciano fashion their own interpretation of Ferreyra’s music.

The firm grooves of the original version of “Letting Go” holds the dancers in a tight grip, allowing the gracious sounds to detach from the rhythmical structure of the track, charmingly drifting away. Beloved Canadian house artist Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts fuses these contrasting energies into on immersive impulse. The complex percussions create a gracefully built grid; adorable chords take the dancers on their enchanting wave. “Los Domingos Vuelo a Casa” is a sharply trimmed house track. Pressing organ tones create a besetting atmosphere. Luciano manages to assemble a totally new track staying true to the original at the same time. He roughs up “Los Domingos Vuelo a Casa“ with an upbeat acoustic groove. Changing the timbre of the atmospherical sounds only minimally and yet giving them an entirely different guise, now sounding sweet and intimate. New, outright beautiful vocals add a detached, hymeneal dimension to this track. The encounter of Ernesto Ferreyra with Luciano and Guillaume Coutu Dumont creates one of those unique moments bringing us in tune with the music’s flow so perfectly; it grows beyond its established appearance.