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Project Description

CADENZA88 / September 9, 2013


Sometimes, things can be worth waiting for, and ‘The Rift Valley’ by Rebelski is a project that has lingered in the Cadenza psyche (and record boxes) for well over a year. Already a staple in the DJ sets of Luciano and other Cadenza personnel, the piece finally gets a full release with remixes from Lee Van Dowski, and Luciano himself this Summer.

In its Original Mix, ‘The Rift Valley’ is a short, multi-instrumental piece, backed with a full choir, whose soaring voices go panoramic over the light and simple drum programming.

Cadenza boss Luciano weighs in with a delicate remix, building the percussion and instrumentation before ushering in the vocals, underpinned with an organic synth line, with care not to clutter the remix but with attention to the melody and build.

It is left to Lee Van Dowski to provide a more club orientated remix, all punchy drums and finger snaps, eking in the melody and vocals bar by bar until the whole remix shines through with feel good factor 50!

Martin Rebelski is perhaps best known for his work with Mancunian band Doves (with whom he has toured and recorded extensively with on the keys), but also lending his hand to projects with Badly Drawn Boy, composing several soundtracks, as well as a clutch of his own albums and singles for Twisted Nerve, Black Maps and Heavenly Records.

Rebelski formed a union with Luciano back in 2011 when the pair began writing sessions, testing out ideas and grooves, resulting in 2012’s memorable ‘Rise Of Angel’ single from Luciano. ‘The Rift Valley’ almost certainly comes from that same moment in time, with Rebelski stretching out his musicality and talent to encompass a plethora of instruments and ideas, and pushing the envelope further in regards to music that can work within the electronic dance environment.